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Browse Instant Messaging - Internet : 551-595 programs listed after popularity

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  • Single Operator Live Support Chat  551)   Single Operator Live Support Chat
    Ajax based chat communication software provides lives chat support to website visitors or online customers in real time. ASP chat script tool can save every IP address and host name of each website visitors and support all major web browser.

  • Global Text Messaging Software  552)   Global Text Messaging Software
    SMS broadcasting services software has the ability to send infinite number of group messages, job alerts, invitations, advertisement campaigns and stock updates at both national and international mobile networks without any internet connection.

  • Bulk Text Messaging Utility  553)   Bulk Text Messaging Utility
    Group text messaging software sends bulk text messages to individual or group without any internet connection. Bulk SMS broadcasting tool compose and send number of multilingual messages to worldwide windows based mobile phones.

  • Pocket PC Bulk Messaging Tool  554)   Pocket PC Bulk Messaging Tool
    Pocket PC to mobile phone bulk sms software sends unlimited text messages for recruitment notifications, job alerts, greetings, meeting reminder, promotional campaign etc to GSM or CDMA cell phone without require any internet connection.

  • IOSurf for FireFox/Mozilla  555)   IOSurf for FireFox/Mozilla 3.0.0
    See who else is at your favorite website with this cool browser chat addon for Firefox and Flock. IOSurf creates a true Social Web Browsing experience so you can meet people who share your interests. IOSurf is the new social way to surf the web!

  • Multi Operators Live Chat  556)   Multi Operators Live Chat
    Multi operator live chat software is capable to solve multiple customer queries through online conferencing, email and offline messages. Online webchat tool supports all websites which are hosted on Windows server with IIS 5.0 and MS access database.

  • Unipeek MSN Monitor  557)   Unipeek MSN Monitor 2.0
    Unipeek MSN Monitor (MSN sniffer) is a free MSN monitoring tool designed for MSN chat monitoring and MSN message archiving. Only install Unipeek MSN Monitor once, you can monitor all MSN chats over the entire network. Designed for both home and SMBs.

  • redemption card  558)   redemption card .717171
    redemption card, Bible games, chrsitian game, forum finder --find your favorite christian forums with this awesome software!

  • Video Clon  559)   Video Clon 1.0
    Clone Video is program for Video clonning. Replicate your webcam. Clone Video is some kind of video clonner or cam splitter.

  • Chat Zone  560)   Chat Zone 1.0
    ChatZone is a unique flash-based solution for on-site communication and entertainment. Incorporating all Flashcoms applications it brings great solution to your website and delivers real-time communication & entertainment experience for site members.

  • Community Chat  561)   Community Chat 6.0
    Community chat is a cross-platform web application with a/v support. The latest version boasts of implementation ultra-modern features for flash based software, namely built-in whiteboard, instant messengers support, online games, MP3 player & more.

  • Multi Operator Live Support Software  562)   Multi Operator Live Support Software
    Multi operator ASP chat program helps in online real time conversation with different website executives and get multiple information. Multi operator live support utility facilitates users to customize the standard chat button of chat software.

  • BigAnt Messenger  563)   BigAnt Messenger 2.43
    BigAnt Messenger is a secure corporate instant messaging program, with instant messaging, file sharing, voip, video chat, offline messaging, web conferencing, and group broadcast.

  • Single Operator Web Chat Tool  564)   Single Operator Web Chat Tool
    Ajax based client chat software provides secure interface for online users and helps website agent to solve their queries in real time. Single operator web chat tool stores all details about each website visitors like IP address, host and OS name.

  • Pocket PC Group Messaging Tool  565)   Pocket PC Group Messaging Tool
    Smartphone group text message sending tool easily sends an alert sms to national or international network based CDMA cell phones in single click. Bulk sms broadcasting software safely compose and broadcast all messages without any internet connection

  • ComputerExpert 2009  566)   ComputerExpert 2009 3.6
    ComputerExpert 2009 is a Online Instant Q/A software committed to offering computer help and tutorials.

  • 99Chats - free flash chat  567)   99Chats - free flash chat 1.0
    99Chats allows you to create, embed and share your own chat room. You can also easily add your chat room to your website, blog, eBay page, social network profile and virtually anywhere on net, it's fully customized and enables private tabbed chat

  • Pocket PC Bulk SMS  568)   Pocket PC Bulk SMS
    Windows mobile text messages sending software allow user to create SMS in either English or Unicode character supported language and broadcast them in bulk to various national or international cell phone users from Pocket PC, PDA or Smart Phone.

  • Mobile Bulk Messaging  569)   Mobile Bulk Messaging
    Pocket PC to mobile bulk SMS program creates and sends unlimited text messages to groups or individuals. Bulk SMS sending software sends SMS on both national and international mobile phone networks without requirement of any internet connection.

  • Bulk SMS Sender Software  570)   Bulk SMS Sender Software
    PC to mobile message sending software facilitates to compose and send unlimited text messages to list of selective mobile numbers. SMS broadcasting tool allows user to insert sender numbers manually, import from phonebook memory or from text file.

  • Tripeptinon Free Trial  571)   Tripeptinon Free Trial 5.65
    Tripeptinon Free Trial, free trial of tripeptinon, what is tripeptinon. Tripeptinon free trial is a new drug that comes in capsule form and makes your skin pretty. Tripeptinon free trial works great.

  • Unlock iPhone 3G  572)   Unlock iPhone 3G 4.0
    Jailbreak iPhone 3G, Unlock iPhone software for ALL iphone versions including 3G, 2.0, 2.0.1,2.0.2, iphone 3g Unlock iPhone 3G 3.0.1 and 3.0 and 3.1

  • Fonwar IM v2.2 Beta  573)   Fonwar IM v2.2 Beta 2.2
    Fonwar IM is a supplement of the Fonwar Community Website, allowing users to use Fonwar IM and Chatroom functions on the go. Fonwar IM also provides entertainment such as ringtones, wallpaper and games.

  • Yahoo Chat Archive Decoder  574)   Yahoo Chat Archive Decoder
    Yahoo chat decryption software easily recovers private messages, conferences and mobile SMS messages without knowing login password of yahoo account. Yahoo messenger archive decoder utility provides multi language chat archive recovery.

  • Pocket PC Bulk SMS Tool  575)   Pocket PC Bulk SMS Tool
    Pocket PC bulk text message sending software sends unlimited SMS from PDA handheld devices to other cell phones. Smart phone SMS broadcasting application can send common message to number of persons without using any additional external devices.

  • Multi Operator Live Chat Program  576)   Multi Operator Live Chat Program
    Multi operator live chat is an exclusive chat utility that provides real time chat between multiple visitors and website admin. This utility is able to track website clients IP addresses and can be installed easily with minimum system requirements.

  • Bulk Text SMS Sender  577)   Bulk Text SMS Sender 5.80
    Bulk Text SMS Sender Software is GSM sms software designed with advanced technology and antivirus solution. Bulk SMS Software is useful and complete solution that avoids sms duplicity through self sustained miscellaneous options.

  • OfficeIRC Server  578)   OfficeIRC Server 2.3
    Corporate IRC Chat Server that allows a business to run their own public chat service or internal Instant Messaging (IM) system. Colleagues can send messages or files to each other within the office, at home or geographically separate sites.

  • Pocket PC Group SMS Software  579)   Pocket PC Group SMS Software
    PDA bulk SMS transmission application send unlimited numbers of Unicode character supported text messages from any branded windows mobile devices like Pocket PC and Smart phone to single or selected group of national or international cell phone user.

  • Send SMS From Your Computer  580)   Send SMS From Your Computer
    Mobile text message software sends messages like job updates, business news, and latest updates etc without using internet connection. SMS sending program enable user to send multiple sms to group or individuals from your computer to mobile phone.

  • multiTwit  581)   multiTwit 1.0.0
    If you have to update more than one Twitter account for your job, your home, or your hobby, then multiTwit is for you. This desktop app lets you update all of your accounts at once.

  • WinSent  582)   WinSent
    Instant messenger intended for use within LAN. WinSent is fully compatible with WinPopup and Windows NT Messenger Service (net send). Does not require dedicated server. Works in Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/Vista.

  • Sent  583)   Sent
    Console utility intended for sending "net send" messages from command line within LAN. Sent is fully compatible with WinPopup and Windows NT Messenger Service (net send). Works in Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/Vista.

  • WinSent Innocenti  584)   WinSent Innocenti
    The program intended for receiving messages, notifications and alerts sent with "net send" command over LAN. It is fully compatible with WinPopup and Windows Messenger Service (net send). Works in Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/Vista.

  • Twitter Eye  585)   Twitter Eye 1.0
    Small application that checks your Twitter account and popups a ballon tooltip when one of your friends tweets. It`s useful for people who are starting with twitter and don`t want to have a full twitter client open all day.

  • MessenPass  587)   MessenPass 1
    MessenPass is the best software allowing users to find all passwords of MSN, Hotmail or Outlook by simply breaking and decrypting the passwords account.

  • SniffIM  589)   SniffIM 0.7
    Traces IM PM and conference conversations.

  • Enigma Softphone  591)   Enigma Softphone 0.8.8
    Enigma is a free Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) softphone available for your download. It can used to make Internet calls, establish conference and send instant messages to your buddies under the same SIP network. Choose your platform see features

  • SharedMinds Desktop  592)   SharedMinds Desktop 1.1.0
    SharedMinds Desktop is an easy to use Twitter Client with features like flexible views, sorting and filtering, twitter search, conversations, twitter lists, multiple accounts, themes, image sharing, a single inbox & it has a small memory footprint.

  • EEZ Twitter Submitter  593)   EEZ Twitter Submitter 1.0
    Refacing kitchen cabinets presents Twitter submitter for submitting your messages to the one and only Twitter. Find refacing kitchen cabinets blogs to learn how to reface your kitchen.

  • Bulk SMS Gateway  594)   Bulk SMS Gateway
    Effective bulk SMS gateway program sends thousands of text messages to mobile phone contacts in one go provided with feature of messages delayed delivery that allows user to improve successful SMS delivery by reducing network congestion load.

  • 123 Flash Chat Module for phpBB  595)   123 Flash Chat Module for phpBB 2.0
    It can add live chat rooms for phpBB forums seamlessly, multiple skins and user integrated. A chat room makes the phpBB more interactive, it will boost traffic as well as revenue to your website, and will increase user loyalty.

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